The Best Gift? Love

Best Gift is Love

Some people spend huge money on possessions as a gift for their loved ones. Nothing’s wrong with that, especially if you have the money and you earned it the right way. To substitute love with shiny objects, however, is a fool’s game. Nothing can replace genuine love. Love is an act. Not a token. You […]... Read More »

Who are the Bad People?

A drug addict robbed a grocery store. A husband battered his wife. A mother abandoned her newly born baby. A terrorist bombed the city. The corrupt politician. The lazy employee. The abusive employer. The irresponsible father. The dishonest salesman. The scammer. The prostitute. The alcoholic neighbor. The murderer. The rapist. We hear stories about them […]... Read More »

The Greatest Love of All

We keep searching for love on social media or dating sites, not realizing we already have that one person who love us unconditionally: Our mother. I’m aware not all mothers are responsible. They have their reasons. I don’t judge them. But if your mom has always been there for you, if your mom supports, teaches, and […]... Read More »

How Empathy Can Change the World

“Empathy fuels connection” said by Dr. Brené Brown in her 2013 RSA talk, The Power of Vulnerability. There is something magical with empathy. When we empathize, we don’t only feel sorry for the person. Instead, we put ourselves in their position. When we empathize, we take their perspectives and connect on a deeper emotional level. When we […]... Read More »

All We Need is Compassion

Compassion may not solve all the world problems, but it can improve our planet. If majority of entrepreneurs practice compassion every day, then our planet gets better and better. If majority of employees practice compassion every day, then our work environments get better and better. If majority of students practice compassion every day, then schools […]... Read More »

The Best Solution? Work Together

I always wonder why we can’t solve society’s problems. Is it because of different ideologies? I don’t know. But maybe if we can come up with solutions every day, then our planet might become a better place. A solution to solve famine. A solution to lessen crimes. There are many solutions but we don’t see […]... Read More »