Can We Achieve Peace? 3 Ideas to Try

Achieve Peace
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Whether inner peace or outer peace, peace is everyone’s dream.

We want peace to dominate. Can we achieve it?

It starts inside. If we can maintain inner peace — and there are proven methods like meditation, yoga, minimalism — there’s a huge chance our planet can attain outer peace. If we can make peace with ourselves, then outer peace manifests.

There’s no guarantee of “absolute peace” though. We can’t control everything. But at least, peace dominates. And who doesn’t want that?

Here are 3 ideas to try:

1. If you’re someone who practices inner peace regularly…

Encourage people, as many as you can. Explain the disciplines you’ve been practicing. How to stay composed? How to achieve inner peace? Maybe you can start a blog about your journey. Or if you want to be more creative, make a video about it. Share the changes in your life. Who knows? People may get inspired and try it.

2 Don’t feed any conversations about hatred and negativity. 

Negativity leads to chaos. See social media sites? You need not to feed them. The moment you engage, you add 1 percent of negativity, which is not the goal. Instead, consider different perspectives. Empathize. Then move on with your life. Imagine if 90 percent of Internet users practice this. I bet, there will be no or at least fewer threads of negativity.

3. Create your own community of peace advocates. 

I created Humans Unite to bind myself with content about peace, love, happiness, compassion, empathy, unity, and positivity. But I could not make it myself, so I seek out the help from others — Myk and Victorninn. Now we’re trying our best to run this site.

Are we peace advocates? I don’t know. Maybe. But we wanted to help better our planet. That’s all that matters.

Imagine if you start your own tribe of peace advocates. Then the people in your community will start their own too. A domino effect.

There are many ways to achieve peace. These ideas are from my own point of view. I know you have yours. If we can combine them together, then we can raise awareness to a higher degree.

Let’s see what happens.

let's help each other
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