4 Reasons to Love Life Every Day

Reasons to Love Life Every Day
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1. Good things are happening every day.

When we watch the news, we see how bad people are and how terrible the planet has become. It’s depressing. It makes us want to give up the hope of having a better life. To stop this negativity, realize that there are still good things happening every day.

For example, seeing a person helping another person, people cleaning the environment, a mother successfully delivers her baby, a doctor saves a life, a millionaire donates money for a good cause. There are many. We’re just focusing on the bad.

2. Love, peace, and happiness.

Some places are peaceful, some are not. Some places are filled with happiness, some are not. But our planet is filled with love in different forms, whatever that place is. Isn’t that something we should all be grateful for?

Often, we hate life for the mess and war and negativity. That is because, we only focus our attention on these things. Love, peace, and happiness are everywhere. It may be in your home or your neighbor’s, or you can nurture it yourself.

3. The people we love.

Our children, our friends, our spouse, our best friends, our family, and all our loved ones — without them, what kind of life is it? When we’re surrounded by the people we love, we feel a sense of purpose. We know that we exist because others need us and we also need them. We are all one.

4. Everyone and everything is mortal.

All things in life don’t last. That include humans. While some live or last longer, some don’t. That’s how life works. And that makes life worth living.

For example, if all┬ápeople are immortal, we’re less likely want to pursue our dreams, do good things, and leave a legacy. Why bother? After all, we’re not gonna die. We can live forever.

When we know that our life on earth is temporary and each one of us don’t know when we’re going to die, we can find beauty in everything and appreciate life for what it is.

Take care of the things you have. Take care of the people who love you. And please, take care of yourself. You are valuable.

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