8 Ways to Practice Generosity

(Pixabay | maxlkt)
  1. Call a family member of friend or coworker and help solve one of their problems (whatever problem they have).
  2. Gift a healthy food to a random stranger.
  3. Find someone lonely? Talk to them. Listen. Empathize.
  4. Share what you know about a certain topic. Don’t insist you’re right. Just share it. People may find it useful.
  5. Donate extra money to a family who badly needs help. They could be your neighbors.
  6. Offer time to coach someone who needs your expertise (for free).
  7. Buy a non-fiction or fiction book and gift it to a person you know may need it. You make them smile!
  8. Encourage someone become a better version of himself/herself. Provide life-changing insights.

There are many ways to practice generosity. We need not to be super rich. We need not to be the boss of a high-profile company. All it takes is a desire to help people lead happy and meaningful lives. It may not drastically change the world, but for sure, it can better our situation.

“Goodness is about character—integrity, honesty, kindness, generosity, moral courage, and the like. More than anything else, it is about how we treat other people.” — Dennis Prager

let's help each other
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